Steven Bliss

Steve is the owner of Gray Street Veterinary Clinic and has been in Emerald since August 2009. He loves his job and thinks it is one of the best professions in the world. Originally hailing from a small beef cattle property near Millmerran on the Darling Downs he has always had an interest in Animals. He completed his Veterinary studies at the University of Queensland in 2005. Since graduation he has worked in Tenterfield, Toowoomba and various parts of the UK. Special veterinary interests include but not limited to Equine and small animal dentistry, beef cattle herd health improvement, orthopaedic surgery and fracture repair and all small animal surgeries.

Steven Bliss

10 Reasons to get your senior pet checked at Gray Street Vet

NOW is the time for your Pet’s first Senior Health Check. 10 Reasons why: There’s nothing like the love and companionship our pets give us over the years.  ALWAYS just happy to be there … for you. So when your pet reaches the ‘golden years’ of life, it’s time to celebrate! Of course, with age …

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One very helpful dog

Does your pet like to help out around the home? This month we’ve found a couple of very impressive videos for you. Baron, a German Shepherd, helps stack the dishwasher – and sort the laundry! What an amazing pooch! It’s time to start delegating those household jobs.   [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”McLV8UuDPxo”] [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”uVYXnXDo1aM”]  

Alert for all cat owners

As yet another reminder about the importance of vaccination, The Australian Veterinary Association has received reports that there’s been a re-emergence of feline infectious enteritis (also known as feline parvovirus or feline panleukopenia). This disease is highly contagious and is spread by contact with faeces, urine and blood from infected cats. Cats may seem lethargic, have a …

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Treatment options for arthritis

If we’ve diagnosed your pet with arthritis we will work with you to come up with a suitable management plan. A well-rounded approach will help your pet get the most out of life. Some of the treatments might include: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) Help to reduce pain and inflammation quickly. Can be given short term …

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Why microchipping works

After a large spate of Summer storms and plenty of fireworks through the silly season, hundreds of terrified dogs have thankfully been reunited with their owners. The National Pet Register received a total of 663 calls from New Year’s Eve through to January 2nd. They facilitated 262 reunions over the three day period – almost twice …

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Pregnancy testing cows: too expensive not to do

Do you think pregnancy testing is expensive? If so, odds are that you haven’t really thought about why you do it in the first place! Profitable production systems sail close to the wind. They strive to capitalise on all of their resources. Pregnancy diagnosis isn’t just about measuring the success of your bulls, predicting your …

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