Why microchipping works

After a large spate of Summer storms and plenty of fireworks through the silly season, hundreds of terrified dogs have thankfully been reunited with their owners. The National Pet Register received a total of 663 calls from New Year’s Eve through to January 2nd. They facilitated 262 reunions over the three day period – almost twice …

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What’s a therapeutic diet?

At some point in your pet’s life, we may prescribe a therapeutic diet. These diets are created specifically to prevent or delay the onset of many medical conditions and may help control existing diseases. A good example of this is a diet for chronic kidney disease. These diets are balanced with a carefully controlled protein content …

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Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats

Dental problems in pets are most typically seen as dental plaque, tartar and gum inflammation, known as gingivitis. Let’s have a look at what all this means. PLAQUE AND TARTAR Dogs cant clean their teeth like we can, so plaque gradually begins to form on the sides of the teeth. It’s a mixture of minerals …

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Your new puppy: Caring for the newest member of the family

  Although you may think caring for a dog is expensive, the cost of not caring may be a lot worse…  Caring for your canine friend is very easy, once you know what you need to do…    The first year is the most important in terms of health care, as puppies haven’t yet developed a …

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