Tom and Isabelle Bliss, aged 11 and 9, respectively, are inspiring young entrepreneurs who have started an online store called Fidgety. The siblings have always been fascinated by fidgets and sensory toys and have seen firsthand how these tools can help individuals with sensory processing difficulties. When the pandemic hit, they noticed that many people were stuck at home and could benefit from having these toys on hand to help with stress relief and focus.

Tom and Isy worked hard with their parents, Steve and Lucy Bliss, to set up the business, from designing the website to selecting products to sell. Fidgety offers a wide range of fidgets and sensory toys that can help individuals of all ages with sensory processing difficulties, anxiety, and stress. The siblings have done their research and offer educational resources on their website, allowing customers to learn about the benefits of each product before making a purchase.

Fidgety is a catchy and memorable name for the online store that reflects the nature of the products they sell. The siblings have created a brand that resonates with their target audience, making their online store a success. Steve and Lucy Bliss, their parents, own Gray Street Veterinary Clinic in their hometown and have likely instilled a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial mindset in their children. It’s heartwarming to see families support each other in pursuing their passions and dreams.

Tom and Isy have become experts on the benefits of fidgets and sensory toys and are passionate about helping others. They offer a variety of products on their website, including fidget spinners, stress balls, and popits. 

Overall, Tom and Isabelle Bliss’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, creativity, and passion. They have created a successful online store that helps individuals with sensory processing difficulties. Fidgety is an excellent example of a small business that is making a big impact, and we can all learn from their inspiring journey.