Nutrition for the Equine Athlete

Feeding your champion horse the best feed? Got the best trainer? Giving that horse all the best treatments? Your superstar may still not live up to your expectations. Dr John Chopin, Equine Reproduction Specialist, tells us why we may have missed out on that equine champion through neglecting possibly the most important part of its development – before it is born.

What’s a therapeutic diet?

At some point in your pet’s life, we may prescribe a therapeutic diet. These diets are created specifically to prevent or delay the onset of many medical conditions and may help control existing diseases. A good example of this is a diet for chronic kidney disease. These diets are balanced with a carefully controlled protein content …

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Keep your pets’ paws away from these foods

When it comes to tucker time for your pet, here’s a list of foods to keep off limits: Chocolate, coffee and caffeine – these contain theobromine and can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and even death in dogs Grapes, sultanas and raisins – can cause sudden kidney failure in dogs Avocados – can cause vomiting and diarrhoea …

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